i wanna ride with these guys

i don't know if it makes me less of a man to say that this still brings a tear to my eye, but i don't care--if i still have any friends and we can ride when we are this old, i will have won the game.

a big thank you to my mom and dad for sharing this video with me, and i hope to ride again with them soon!


moto rebuild

alright, the time has come-- i am taking the plunge and having my BMW r75/7 customized by the guys @ Untitled Motorcycles. The bike has been in my family since it was new--and indeed is as old as i am, which is like 30-something years now. I can remember when there was a sidecar attached and my dad would pick me up from school... In fact, he had the bike for sale at one point, but the collector that came to buy it only wanted the sidecar--so the bike stayed and i have been riding it ever since.

For the past couple of years it has been sitting in a top-secret storage location in Colorado, awaiting the day when i would either tackle the project myself or have someone else do it. I decided on the latter--the reality is that i wanna ride this thing, i want it to be cool, and i just am not that great of a moto mechanic. Plus, once i found Adam and the guys at Untitled, they are basically building vintage Beemers the exact way i see mine turning out... i know the internet is full of blogs where guys just build a sweet old bike with nothing but hand tools and elbow-grease, but something is telling me i am better sticking to what i do best--and letting Untitled do what they do best.

strapped down and ready for the voyage

the ol' girl still runs, but it's time for a little resto'

so, these spy photos are all that could be spirited out of Colorado before the bike was packed into a truck. HUGE props to my friend Mark for these photos and for being the bike's caretaker for the past couple of years. By now the bike should be at a port in New Jersey and about 10 weeks from now it will be in London. If everything goes according to plan, the build will happen over the winter and i will fly to London in the spring to drive it back to Italia. Not real sure about importing/licensing/insuring a bike in Italia, but what else am i gonna do in my spare time?

alright--stay tuned for some more in process shots and updates of the build.

in the meantime, check it out--the goal is something like this bike from Untitled, but with a few suprises...

better than average...


kswiss just got real

quite possibly the funniest thing i have seen in a long, long time


Just a Mirage

another cool moto video by some guys who just might be too cool for school... i can't help but think they should have used the song Mirage by the Queers, but whatever, still good.


Skoda 2011 TdF commercial

pretty cool to see this--and pretty sure i will be sick of it after seeing it in every second commercial break on EuroSport... but rad for now.