pretty good words to live by; written by Dan Shafer, put into a song by Kepi Ghoulie. if i could have said it better, i would have...

Take a Look

you keep hopin' some day you'll have it all
it keeps your mind chasin' dreams down a slick and darkened hall
you just can't be happy with what you've got
unless you own the whole damn lot

think about what you have instead of what you don't have
and you will find that you're doin' better than most
when you finally hold the things you've been longin' for
you immediately think about the next

have you ever looked around you
have you ever enjoyed the moment
have you ever let yourself just simply be

can you think of strengths that you have
instead of what you think you need
did you ever question what you believe

grass just gets greener on the other side
while the moment keeps passin' by
and it will never be good enough
to appreciate what's always there

and if you take a look
well alright


funny stuff

better than television

So, there is a pretty big movement growing globally with vintage/restored/cafe/scrambler/japanese/euro/american/brit/ton/whatever motorcycles... the general trend seems to be moving away from choppers and ridiculously unrideable machines to more garage-built do-it-yourself type bikes. To me, this is cool... in fact it has made me really get serious about saving all my lunch money for a rebuild of my 1977 BMW r75. I am going to have Untitled Motorcycles do the build in the spirit of their UM3 Street. Adam and the guys in London have vintage Beemers figured out like nobody else, and after literally hundreds of hours of looking through blogs, websites, catalogues, magazines, and looking into my own skillset--i think the Untitled build will be perfect. Just gotta save the cash, get the work visa for Europe (thats a whole 'nother story) and get the bike to London... easy, right?

Anyway, so in the mean-time i have started watching all these videos about all this kinda stuff. Some are good, some are great, some are crap. I know that most people who think they are cool might have already seen some of these before, but i wanted to post them here to start a collection of stuff i like and to have it all in one place for my own personal motivation--to give me something to do when i need motivation to stay on the path...

alright--first up is the video from the French dudes from Blitz. When i saw this i really knuckled down and decided that my next priority will be to get my Beemer built.



cyanide and happiness

this has gotta be my favorite new comic, check it out on the interwebs...